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The European Development Platform (E.D.P.) was established by Human Values Foundation with the goal of accomplishing a dual attribute, as a Romanian entity by creation and European by vocation.E.D.P. brings together privately and publicly held companies, from all sectors of the Romanian economy, NGOs and distinguished individuals, who are interested in investing in Romania's European present and future by maximizing its EU-membership benefits.

 All these entities and individuals will work together so that a wide range of projects that are developed by the European Union and international organizations will find a positive response in Romania.

This platform for dialogue is based on generating debates and meetings between local and foreign business groups in order to initiate and contribute to an interactive dialogue on current issues, aiming to provide economic smart solutions, to support the development of Romanian economy in the context of future EU structure Europe for 2014-2020.

E.D.P. was established in 2010, three years after Romanian accession to the European Union, with a well defined mission: to become a vehicle for strengthening the links between economic organizations, public and private, local civic organizations and similar entities in other countries European Union, European Commission and European Parliament.

E.D.P. launch was held in the European Parliament and was attended by officials from European institutions, representatives from business and academia. A series of events in Brussels and in Romania followed, including the high level roundtable on "EU newcomers weigh costs and benefits", organized together with the greatest arena of debate in Europe "Friends of Europe", in May 2011, where special speaker was Mr. Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner for Regional Development.

In Autumn 2010 the Regional Development Committee Delegation of the European Parliament attended the dinner with the theme: "New impulses for growth and development", organized by the EDP in Bucharest.

There is already a history of E.D.P. that validates the approach of those who initiated it. Thematically richness of the events organized, honorable participation, and reactions abroad and in Romania, illustrated in the media, are an encouragement to continue and strengthen this approach.

E.D.P. 2013 agenda has the following debating topics: increased absorption of EU funds, promotion of strategic interests of Romania in the European area – the dialogue with European institutions, industrial regeneration of the country within the economic crisis context in Europe, the development of local business networks for the development of Romanian economy, identifying new opportunities to diversify trade relations with other countries.

Areas of expertise covered reach generally all major economic areas: European policy, absorption of European funds, social policy, agriculture, tourism, education and research, construction, transport and infrastructure, environment, health, culture, ICT, energy, security and European safety administration.

The platform is open to all organizations that share its vision and philosophy of action. Although it is a private organization, E.D.P. is to serve the public interest, the interests of Romanian society, being driven by European values, the spirit that brought peace and economic recovery, which promoted democracy in Europe.

The E.D.P. has the resources to become a forum that has both the ability and willingness to promote ideas and initiatives in support of promoting our national interest on the European and international arena.


E.D.P. Structure

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About E.D.P.

The European Development Platform brings together privately and publicly held companies, from all sectors of the Romanian economy,NGOs and distinguished individuals...

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Fields of Expertise

  1. European Policies
  2. Social Policies
  3. Agriculture
  4. Tourism
  5. Education and Research

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Ms. Nela PÃVÃLOIU, EDP Founder, Mr. Vasile PUSCAȘ, Professor University Cluj Napoca

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"We need smart and sustainable projects to make Europe usable and tangible for its citizens.”


Mr. Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner for Regional Policies


"Thank you for giving us the opportunity to speak about the biggest challenge that we face in Europe – Youth Unemployment”.


Mrs. Androulla Vassiliou, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism & Youth


"I believe it is an extremely good initiative and extremely important, not only for the business people in Romanian but in general for Romania."

Mrs. Danuta Hubner, MEP and Chair Woman of the Committee on Regional Development

"EDP has a very ambitious agenda and a similarly bold structure designed to deal with major European affairs.”

Mr. Mihnea Motoc, Romanian Ambasador, Permanent Representative to the European Union


"A great idea: a platform, an example for the rest of Europe. EU 2020 has to get a stable basis in Romania and the other countries!”

Mr. Lambert van NISTELROOIJ, Member of the European Parliament


Ana Maria Șerban
General Secretary

Belgium, Bruxelles
41 Rue de la Charite, 1210
Phone no. 0032 471 77 86 26

Romania, Bucharest
3 Uruguay Street, Unit 14, District 1
Phone no. 0040 371 474 969


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